A qualification in Technology Education Via Drexel University or college

If you want a new career that combines teaching and technology, consider pursuing a qualification in technical education out of Drexel College or university. The School of Education offers a program called Instructional Technology Specialist Official certifications that will instruct you to integrate technology in to the classroom. Bonuses The program is designed for teachers who also already maintain a instructing certificate and so are interested in learning how to use technology to enhance learning.

The School of Education at Drexel University offers a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. This degree application integrates learning sciences and design and style thinking. In addition , it offers homework in game-based learning and online learning. A recognized teachers helps slowly move the program, which in turn features 15 courses amassing forty-five credit hours.

The ET plan at Drexel University stresses hands-on learning and problem-solving skills to get ready students intended for the workplace. The curriculum also encourages college students to be career-focused and build cable connections with employers. The university’s internet program includes a variety of hands-on learning activities. Students may choose to take a hands-on, collaborative research training that helps them learn new skills.

In addition to undergraduate courses, the Center for the purpose of Science, Technology, and Population at Drexel University offers a graduate-level degree in Science, Technology, and Modern culture. This level offers pupils the opportunity to explore the interaction between science and technology, and its influence on society. Students will also go with faculty individuals from various fields to analyze how technology and technology are used and applied to everyday life.

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